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Fibre Ethernet (Leased Lines)

As more services move to the Cloud based solutions, fibre ethernet provides fast, flexible and reliable internet connectivity.

This gives you the reassurance of high speeds and high performance when you need it most. 

We offer fully-managed Ethernet leased lines with capacity ranging from 2Mb/s to 10Gb/s. This service delivers a fibre connection right into your building. We’ll connect you directly to a national fibre network. Unlike copper based services (such as broadband) the speed is guaranteed and will not vary regardless of how far your building is from the POP or exchange.

We can also provide failover services by using a fibre provided by another carrier, WiMax or High Speed Broadband which maximises availability.

Highlights of our Fibre Ethernet services

  Flexible bandwidth options from 2 to 10 Gbit/s. Quality of service options
  Business only service Dedicated, uncontended and unlimited bandwidth
  Free connection and free router with most packages Low latency service ideal for cloud/VOIP applications
  Static IP included Fully managed and monitored
Fibre Ethernet Packages (Other packages are available)
Service Bearer bandwidth Availability COST
Fibre 50 100 MB 50 MB Globally

From £ 248.00 /mo

Fibre 100 100 MB 100 MB Globally

From £ 260.00 /mo

Fibre 500 1 GB 500 MB Globally

From £ 394.00 /mo

Fibre 1G 1 GB 1 GB Globally

From £ 405.00 /mo

Fibre 10G 10 GB 10 GB UK Only

From £ 2000.00 /mo


Fibre Ethernet s are inherently secure because they operate as a point-to-point service over a dedicated and totally private network infrastructure. We also provide additional security services such as firewalls to supplement your Business Internet service if they are required

Installation would be within 90 working days, depending on location

No. We’ve structured our pricing model so that we can deliver the service with no installation charge over a 36 or 60 month contract term removing any CAPEX barriers.

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