InternetHigh Speed Broadband

High Speed Broadband is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations where data and bandwidth is business-critical. Download speeds are up to 1000Mbps and upstream speeds are up to 220Mbps.

High speed broadband provides the fastest possible speeds your line can support - slashing your download times and enabling you to run more bandwidth-hungry applications. It provides a significant boost over traditional ADSL broadband services and all businesses will benefit by switching to faster Fibre Broadband. Browsing is faster, video is smoother and using cloud based applications is much quicker too.

We can also provide a failover service for this service using an additional ADSL service which maximises availability.

Highlights of our Broadband services

  Download speed up to 1000 Mbps Fast installation lead times
  Upload speed up to 220 Mbps Flexible usage options including unlimited service
  Free connection and free router with most packages
Ideal for cloud/IP voice applications
  Static IP included High reliability, low latency service
Fibre to the Cabinet (Other packages are available)
Service Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Cost
FTTC 80/20 80 MB 20 MB

£ 22.00

FTTC 40/10 40 MB 10 MB

£ 27.00

Fibre to the Premises
Service Download SPEED Upload SPEED MONTHLY COST
FTTP 40/10 40 MB 10 MB

£ 39.00

FTTP 80/20 80 MB 20 MB

£ 40.00

FTTP 160/30 160 MB 30 MB

£ 48.00

FTTP 350/50 350 MB 50 MB

£ 60.00

FTTP 500/165 500 MB 165 MB

£ 160.00

FTTP 1000/220 1000 MB 220 MB

£ 240.00



Fibre to the Cabinet increases basic broadband speeds by connecting powerful fibre optic cable to the cabinet in the road, then copper wires to your business.


The future is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), where pure fibre optic cables connect you straight to the exchange.

Access to Fibre Broadband is growing and fibre will continue to be rolled out with current estimates that around 80% of premises will have access to the FTTC service by the end of 2019. The coverage for FTTP is currently around 5% and will be going up to 9% by December 2020 (or 3 million premises passed) as Openreach continue to roll it out.

We can normally deliver your new Business High Speed Broadband service within 10 working days and we will keep you updated throughout the delivery process.

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