Over the last decade, technology has turned conventioal business models on their head. The arrival of superfast internet, in particular,
has helped break down traditional barriers to growth and is giving organisations access to new possibilities.

A fast, reliable connection is the lifeblood of any modern business

We offer the ideal solution: Reliable, flexible and cost-effective access solutions designed to answer the needs of our customers. Our range of high speed, reliable and scalable services rises to the challenge. Our services can be used for home workers, branch offices, your head office, in data centres or simply as a backup service.

Our services provides the speed and quality essential for operational efficiency. Our business-only services provides you with an uncongested network offering the highest level of reliability, and is ideal for organisations that require consistent high performance, 24/7. 

Scalable business access - Scale the service as required or access ‘burstable’ Internet bandwidth on-demand
A range of connectivity options - Various access methods including copper, fibre and WiMax are available
Business-only - No domestic users, our uncongested, high performance networks are only for businesses.
Cost effective - We can dramatically reduce the cost of business-grade Internet access


We work with the major network carriers