CloudData Centres / Co-Location

Hosting data servers on premise can be a headache with high running costs as well as security and maintenance to worry about. Significantly lower your data centre costs by moving your servers and IT equipment to one of our Global Data Centres.

Our data centres and co-location provides a flexible and efficient solution, combining multiple secure hosting facilities with fast connectivity speeds and a highly resilient network. Located in key locations worldwide, including North
America, Europe, Australasia and Asia.

Our Colocation Hosting service offers a range of configuration options, from fully secure, dedicated, lockable cabinets/racks through to private suites customised to customer specific requirements.  

Highlights of our Data Centre / Co-Location services

  Key locations worldwide Redundant power supplies at each centre and UPS
  High premises security Layer-2 and Layer-3 connectivity
  Optimum environmental control
Scalable bandwidth up to 10Gb
  Industry standard cabinets and infrastructure Direct peering with multiple Tier 1 network providers
  Flexible choice of racks, cages and suites  

While your IT team retains control of your equipment, you may require basic services such as power cycle, visual
inspection or cable connections. If such issues do arise, we can provide remote hands and eyes at each of the Global Data Centres to help you manage your IT infrastructure from afar.

Benefits of our Data Centre / Co-Location services

  Guaranteed performance - Under our SLA we give a single guarantee covering power and connectivity availability, as well as latency, packet loss, temperature and humidity.
  Secure Location - Each data centre utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor, and record access to the facility, including individual cages.
  Resilient Connectivity - All data centres are equipped with full UPS power, backup systems and N+1 (or greater) redundancy, with a proven, industry-leading > 99.99% uptime record.
  Greater Scalability - Space can be rented based on your current needs but can be easily scaled up as your business grows or requirements change.