CloudCloud Connect

The many benefits of running workloads in a cloud environment has led to the emergence of a whole range of public cloud vendors, each built to suit different applications and use cases. This means that you will undoubtedly need a blend of different cloudbased solutions. In order to connect to public clouds, enterprises using the Internet may suffer from problems concerning security, reliability, flexibility and control.

Cloud Connect provides a direct path between your network and your cloud provider/s of choice. Not only can this be more cost effective than the Internet, it also delivers guaranteed levels of security and performance.

With Cloud Exchange, we can provide customers with access to multiple public cloud providers over any MPLS solution, without having to either install discrete connectivity or traverse the Internet.


  Private connection - Direct route into the leading public cloud providers
  Single Network Provider - One provider for voice, data, private and public clouds
  Public Cloud Variety - choice of AWS, Azure,Office 365 and Google Cloud
  Flexible - Easily swap between public cloud providers
  Fast - Initial seeding to easily move large volumes of data to the cloud
  Simple - Connection as simple as adding another site to your MPLS network
  Variable Bandwidths - Available* available from 50Mb to 10Gb


  Cost Effective - Privately connect to your digital ecosystems, bypassing the Internet
  Safeguarding Corporate Data - One provider for voice, data, private and public clouds
  Optimal Performance - Lower latency enables the transfer of high volumes of data with minimal delay
  Built for Scale - Connect to all your cloud and IT service providers over a single software-defined switching fabric
  Resilience - Built to be inherently resilient delivered over two physically separate links
  Increase Agility - Quickly deploy private access to an ever-expanding range of platforms